How To Overcome Online Class Anxiety?

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Apr 5, 2024

Online classes are growing in popularity at an exponential rate! They offer stunning flexibility and fit demanding schedules, but come on can be quite nerve-wracking too; they are the busiest classrooms ever. It is normal to feel anxious during online classes with a racing heart or sweaty palms. However, this guide doesn’t only mean to sympathize with you about it. We will simplify internet class anxiety and give you tried-and-true techniques to overcome it and thrive in your virtual learning journey!

Unveiling the Challenge: Deciphering Online Class Anxiety

Identifying the Hallmarks:

A mixture of emotions comprising mostly anxiousness, fear, and tension is what is meant by online class anxiety. These feelings could likewise be described through a cluster of physiological signs such as:


Many people describe it as “racing” or “pounding”, and is usually referred to as a distressing rapid heart rate.

Palmar hyperhidrosis:

Palms do sweat too much- a feeling of dampness that could prevent interfacing with gadgets.

Impaired Concentration:

Not being able to concentrate in class, on discussions, or on the course materials

Dread or Apprehension:

A general sense of worry or fear for the worst about online classes.

The combined effect of these symptoms can greatly limit a student from:

Full Participation:

Taking part actively and constructively through online discussions and group work.

Engage with Course Material:

Meaningful understanding, remembering, and utilization of contents from online learning.

Academic Achievement:

Meeting desired learning objectives as well as reaching peak educational accomplishments.

Unmasking the Underlying Causes:

The causes of online class anxiety are many-sided and involve diverse contributing aspects. Here are some of them:

Fear from Speaking in Public (Even Online):

Some students have a kind of phobic fear associated with expressing their thoughts during studying periods and this cannot be fully erased even by the invisibility offered by cyber world.

Unfamiliarity with Platforms for Technology:

It is difficult to get acquainted with new online educational platforms and tools which lead to doubts and amazement. This can be worse, especially for students who have limited technical know-how.

Social Interaction Deficit:

Not all students experience this separation as something good, since lack of physical presence means lack of certain friends. They miss out on personal interaction evidently because there will be no social cues or facial expressions.

Performance Anxiety:

Anxiety is heightened among some students due to academic pressures and the feeling that they are being watched closely by both trainers plus classmates on the internet platform.

Calming the Chaos: Strategies for Success

Before Class: Become an Online Learning Master

Grow your sanctuary of Knowledge:

Turn an unused space into a personal learning corner. Look for a quiet spot in your home or library, away from noisy sounds and irritating electronic gadgets. Focus is promoted by this special study area, enhancing your online learning environment.

Hush up the pre-class rant:

Do not let nervousness before class interfere with your learning process. Confront panic using powerful relaxation activities.  One option is to experiment with deep breathing whereby you breathe in slowly through your nose for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and then exhale steadily through your mouth for another four seconds. 

Alternatively, spend some minutes meditating to gain composure and bring back calmness.

Discover Your Inner Superhero:

Apply positive internal dialogue to block negative thoughts as well as worries away. Instead of dwelling on mistakes that might happen tell yourself that you are ready for it and can excel in it. For example, repeat to yourself “I have prepared myself for this course” or “I am a good learner.”

Class Time: Engage, Conquer and Thrive

Unleash Yourself in the Virtual Arena:

Don’t be a passive observer! Involve yourself in class discussions by using features of your online platform. They might include chatting, holding polls, or creating separate rooms for different groups. Remember that these virtual engagements provide room for idea contribution as well as teamwork with peers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Adopt the Learning Expedition:

Forget about performance anxiety and think more about the thrill of finding out new things. Visualize each session of an online course as an amazing chance to broaden your mind concerning the subject matter. Feel free to make inquiries, talk to tutors to have a clear understanding of what they teach, and enter every lecture so that you might grow.

Tech Problems? Develop into a Troubleshooting Ninja:

Overcome fears around technology by getting acquainted with online platforms before classes start. Get to know how it operates, practice navigation tools as well as understand basic functions. Doing this early will help reduce interruptions caused by technical hitches while studying via electronic means that are active like emails and live chats. In addition to this, come up with a contingency plan for small glitches such as refreshing your page or restarting your computer.

Post-Class: Evaluate, Re-energize, and Elevate

Cement Your Knowledge Citadel:

Don’t let crucial teachings go down the drain! In order to strengthen your comprehension of what you’ve learned, listen back to class recordings and/or refer to your notes. This is an essential reinforcement tactic that helps consolidate major concepts while preparing students for future tasks or tests.

Construct Your Digital Support Team:

Remember, this academic expedition isn’t a solitary one! Engage coursemates in study groups or online discussion platforms to encourage relationships among peers. They are collaborative places offering peer support, enabling the exchange of ideas, and boosting motivation as the term progresses.

Get Connected with Classmates

Form teammates by creating study groups or discussion rooms through which students can interact together. These are collective areas where classmates offer each other valuable assistance which also encourages people’s thought transference besides motivating everyone to engage in their studies within an ongoing course.

Aid is Just a Touch Away:

Do not think twice about using all the resources available on your laptop. Different schools have student counselling centers amongst others academic advisors who may additionally guide individuals via their online tutorials. It takes courage and dedication toward educational success when students seek further assistance from such services. These resources can be invaluable in conquering

Utilize Campus Resources:

Many institutions offer academic advisors, counseling centers, or online class takers. These resources can be invaluable in conquering online class anxiety and achieving your full learning potential.

Seek Additional Help: 

Don’t hesitate to leverage the wealth of resources available at your fingertips! Seeking additional help is a sign of strength and demonstrates your commitment to academic success. Here are some resources that can be invaluable in conquering online class anxiety and achieving your full learning potential:

Online Resources:

This website from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides information and resources on various mental health conditions, including anxiety. They offer self-help tips, information on finding treatment, and a crisis text line.


To make a long story short, conquering anxiety arising from online classes needs one to know oneself, prepare in advance, and keep a positive mindset. Master the cause of your anxiety and set measures on how you can contain it thereby managing your online learning experience and becoming successful academically. 

Always remember that there are opportunities for change provided by online classes which you should seize with both hands no matter how fearful or anxious you are about them.

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