What Are The Challenges Of Online GRE tests?

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Jun 3, 2024

Many students were unable to take the GRE in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and a rise in study abroad applications. Because of the test center closures, ETS came up with a plan to allow the Online GRE tests.

The structure, subject matter, and on-screen experience of the GRE online exam are all similar to those of the typical testing center . This home based GRE testing can be  easy and  also includes some challenges.

This article will help you know the challenges that come with home-based GRE testing .

What Are The Challenges Of Home-based GRE Testing?

1. Internet connection:

The main disadvantage of taking the GRE from home is that it needs a good internet connection. A 2 Mbps minimum speed should be there to ensure a good experience in test taking. If your internet goes below the limit, then you might face an unstable internet connection.

However, despite this drawback, the Benefits of GRE online include the convenience of taking the test in a familiar environment, which can reduce stress and improve focus.

2.Privacy Problems:

In order to ensure that you took the test honestly, online GRE testing  creates privacy problems . Mainly because of the webcam that is necessary for the online testing.

Many students find it concerning. It can seem uncomfortable to have an observer watch the whole testing process on a webcam. Furthermore, concerns of safety of data and personal privacy arise from giving software access to one’s computer and surroundings.

This continuous monitoring may lead to a high-stress environment that could affect the result. Stress can be there by the discomfort of being seen and the worry of accidentally breaking testing rules.


Preventing outside noise is really hard when taking the GRE at home. In contrast to in-person GRE tests , online GRE testing could have disturbances from pets, family members, or other domestic disturbances. Such disturbances have the ability to affect performance and disrupt concentration.

It takes a lot of planning to create a calm and comfortable testing atmosphere, therefore it might not be possible for everyone. The test-taking atmosphere might also be further affected by random issues like power failures or nearby noise . It makes it hard to recreate the calm, concentrated environment of a typical test center.

4.Technical Requirements:

Some students may find it hard to meet the  technical requirements when preparing for the GRE at home. This includes checking the computer’s reliability, setting up the required software, and setting up the testing setup to follow the test guidelines. Stress can occur by technical problems, such as software problems or connection issues.

Fixing these problems is the test-taker’s duty, and it can be especially students who don’t know anything about the technical issues. This extra work may take away the time and effort that should’ve been given for the test preparation.


Test-taking anxiety is a problem for GRE students, and online testing may make it worse. Anxiety can  increase by the lack of experience of the home testing setup and the need to make sure all the technical parts are working as they should.

There is also extra stress due to the worry of unexpected technical failures or problems . This extra stress might affect your performance. It can be hard to perform the best because of the mental pressure of managing both the technical issues and the test’s material.

6.Less support:

Compared to a real test center, there is less access to support throughout an online GRE exam. Employees at a test center are available to help at the moment with technical problems or other issues. Students at home, on the other hand, are dependent on phone or internet assistance, which may not be as effective or timely.

This may cause problems that take longer to resolve, which could raise stress levels and affect test results. Test-takers are completely independent in the lack of a helpful testing setting, which can be stressful for many.

7.GRE results:

The reliability  of GRE results from home testing environments continue to be an issue of concern. Even though ETS has taken steps to ensure the integrity of the test, some organizations and people could still doubt if the home test is equal to the normal test center version.

Test-takers’ confidence and the way they view the importance of their results may be impacted by this doubt. To keep the GRE at Home authentic and fair it is important that everyone  should view the home based GRE testing as equal.

What Are The Requirements Of Online GRE Tests?

Tablets and smartphones are not acceptable; you must use a laptop or desktop computer. A Windows operating system (version 7, 8, or 10) must be installed on the machine.

Mac computers are not allowed. Do not sign up for the GRE at-home exam if you do not have access to a Windows computer.

A speaker, microphone, and camera—which may be external or internal and cannot be a part of a headset—must be included in your setup. In order to show the observer the area around your computer, you also need to be able to move the camera, or the laptop if it has a built-in camera.

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In summary, the online GRE test provides students with a useful and flexible choice, particularly when visiting a testing center is not an option.

Test-takers can finish the exam in the comfort of their own homes with this option, offering a level of convenience that is not there in the regular testing centers.

It does, however, also present a unique set of challenges. Stressful technical problems include bad internet connections, the requirement for specific devices, and the possibility of outside distractions. The requirement for stricter testing and privacy issues can also increase the burden. For many students, the GRE at-home exam is an excellent alternative despite these difficulties.

It provides chances for people who would not have simple access to testing centers and allows to give exams whenever it’s suitable for them.As long as ,students are well prepared and have the setup for online testing, the online testing is beneficial.

However, one should be aware of the aspects of online GRE tests including pros and cons.Online GRE tests are easy to take if one student feels comfortable at home!

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