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What is GMAT Test?

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer-based, multiple-choice, and computer-adaptive standardized exam that is used internationally for admission to graduate management/business programs.

Features That Are Added To GMAT Online Exam:

The opportunity to perform the best in exams is no doubt every student seeks. GMAT™ online exam offers candidates even more flexibility and choice to bring their best on the test day which led to confidently meeting their business school goals, who don’t want to get them all in a single platform?

Our enhanced GMAT exam online aligns with the center-based exam with the below features added, take a peek at it:

  • Writing and critical thinking skills will be analyzed through the analytical writing assessment section commonly known as (AWA)
  • The GMAT at-home exam includes the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Verbal, Quantitative, and the Integrated Reasoning section. The same number of questions are required to perform on each section and the time per section is also pre-defined same alike as the center-based GMAT exam.
  • Students are provided to select the exam section order as per their preparation and on which they are best.
  • Two 10 minutes breaks which are optional. To give students a few minutes for preparing the exam’s next section
  • Unconfirmed scores will be disclosed right after a few minutes of the exam so that they can plan their next steps.
  • Students are required to take online GMAT test appointments up to 6 months in advance.

That’s all and more students get by enrolling with us. Choose wisely when hiring your tutor as it’s a matter of your grades. A one-stop solution for students finding GMAT online exam help

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Can I Get Help With GMAT™ Exam?

Who doesn’t want an exam specially arranged that aids students in getting their application goals right from the comfort of their homes? Everyone wants to have this opportunity to get help from experts to take their exam online and brighten up their chances of getting admission to top institutions in a single go! Students who want to ace their online GMAT test can get the solution now. With us, you can take the GMAT online test with the help of our experienced tutors who’ll assist you in taking your GMAT online exam that guarantees good grades.

Pocket-Friendly Rates

Are you one of those students who’s reluctant to hire top-notch services from experts due to a tight budget? Well, that’s not a problem now unless you’ll find us! Quality-filled services from a team of experts are happy to offer you services that not only satisfy your needs but are low in budget. We have a long history of proven A and B grades for several students. Save our name on your speed dial if you want to ace your GMAT course at reasonable prices.

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This is How Your GMAT Exam is Structured

GMAT online exam is structured based on the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Verbal, Quantitative, and the Integrated Reasoning section. These sections can be further categorized into questions to perform within a time frame.

The section comprises:

  • 31 questions based on Quantitative Reasoning – 62 minutes
  • 36 Verbal Reasoning questions – 65 minutes
  • 12 questions on Integrated Reasoning – 30 minutes
  • Analytical Writing Assessment(AWA) – 30 minutes

To provide feasibility to our candidates, they can choose an order to perform any section first, depending on their preferences. They can perform analytical writing assessments first or last based on their preparation just to provide candidates with more flexibility and confidence to do well in the online exams.

Exam Time:

Total exam time is 3 hours on which 2 breaks aren’t included and are optional to include and depend on the student. Further, to know about the pricing, we advised you to check the pricing plan based on the candidate’s location. Candidates can reschedule their GMAT exam at any time but before their scheduled exam. A cancellation fee may depend on case-to-case or advance notice of cancellation.


To enable comparability between both exams, an online GMAT exam has the same type, sections, and many items as the exam administered in the centers. Candidates can check their unofficial scores at the end of the exam and official results will be provided to them in 7-20 business days. Students can have the official scores on individual sections and the total scores on their exam

Sending Scores:

Candidates will have the option to examine their official score before choosing to send it to particular programs, both of which are included in the cost of the GMAT online exam. Additionally, after receiving their official result, candidates have 48 hours to send 5 free score reports. The official scores of exams will be available to schools within 24 hours of a student’s request.

Live in United States (US)

Affordable online GMAT test-taking services provided by skilled professionals.

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GMAT Online Exam Availability

To support applicants’ graduate business ambitions, we are dedicated to offering the GMAT online exam as a choice. Up to 24 hours before an open testing window, candidates can arrange an online exam appointment.

Most places can take the GMAT online exam, but due to regulatory and local data protection laws, some countries are not eligible such as Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Mainland China. Please be aware that the GMAT online exam’s proctoring support is presently only available in English. GMAT online can be taken on both laptops and Mac Windows.

Canceling or Rescheduling

Students can cancel or reschedule their exams at any time before their scheduled appointment.


Candidates can attempt 5 times in 12 months and 8 times in lifetime attempts.

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You are advised to check our previous records of students who got good scores by receiving help from our highly-qualified tutors. GMAT-specialized tutors are assigned to you to do your job perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about your paper now because it’s now in an expert’s hand.

The GMAT exam can be taken only by qualified tutors who have expertise in a relevant field of subject. Our tutors know how to ace your exam with all the sections knowledge that comes in the GMAT exam so the students have a high assurance of passing the exam with good scores.

We are offering you an opportunity to take your GMAT exam online with a highly organized team of professionals. A proctor is also assigned to you during your test who’ll assist in the check-in process and will monitor and assist you throughout your exam.

Candidates are provided an additional feature to cancel or reschedule their GMAT tests at any time before their scheduled tests by logging in to their accounts. Also, they can appear and perform 5 attempts in a 12-month time and 8 attempts lifetime.

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