Do Proctored Exams See Your Screen?

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May 15, 2024

Proctored exams are essential to online learning programs as they maintain students’ honesty during tests. Nevertheless, this raises questions in the minds of test-takers: “Are proctored exams able to see your screen?” This paper delves into the expanse of proctoring technologies stressing on the significance of academic honesty and ethical test-taking practices. Again, genuine preparation and hard work remain paramount for success, avoiding unethical shortcuts like ‘pay someone to take my proctored exam.’

The Rise of Proctored Exams:

To sustain credibility in online learning platforms, alternative approaches to ensuring academic integrity must be put in place. Inclusion of diverse monitoring technology in these exams fills this gap. Students can make use of these technologies by understanding them.

What Do Proctored Exams See?

While platforms vary on how much they monitor your screen, typical services include:

  • Desktop/Application Sharing: Proctor software may require you either share your entire desktop or specific applications from which you will be taking the exam. It enables proctors to watch over you while you go about doing your work so that no unauthorized material is accessed.
  • Webcam surveillance: the proctor will be able to see what your webcam sees, confirming that you are at the right place during the test and not someone else.
  • Eye-Tracking Technology (Limited Use): in some cases, there may be an eye-tracking program on certain systems that records suspicious signs of eye movements which suggest external texts were used without permission.

Upholding Academic Integrity:

Proctored exams should not go too far as to breach your privacy. Nevertheless, maintaining academic integrity is very important when it comes to examination:

  • Prepare Thoroughly: The best way to approach a proctored exam is being well-prepared for it. You minimize the risk of resorting to cheating during the actual test if you allocate enough time for studying.
  • Be Familiar with Test Procedures: Go through details about proctoring software and its functions before taking your test. Know what you can or cannot do once you start doing it.
  • Clear Your Workspace: Ensure that there are no prohibited materials around you by removing all unnecessary items from your working space. Concentrate on only the examination interface and authorized resources.
  • Communicate with Proctors: If any technical issues arise or a clarification is needed, students must utilize the appropriate communication tools provided by their respective supervisors.

Building a Culture of Academic Honesty beyond Proctored Exams

  • Honesty as a Core Value: Academic integrity is not just about avoiding detection; it’s about upholding a core value of honesty and intellectual rigor. Genuine learning and effort are paramount for personal and academic growth.
  • Trustworthiness with Educators: when students adopt ethical test-taking, they build trust among themselves and their teachers, thus creating a conducive environment that promotes positive learning experiences for everyone.
  • Ramifications of Dishonest Behavior: Know the consequences of dishonesty in academics such as failing the exam or getting suspended from your course or expelled altogether.


Being proctoring focused on maintaining the academic honor code rather than intruding into students’ privacy. Get to know what proctoring technologies cover so that you can be able to navigate online evaluations effectively. It is important to remember that real preparation together with honest efforts go hand in hand toward passing any examination. Do not be tempted by unethical alternatives such as “pay someone to do my proctored exam.” By giving priority to academic honesty plus dedicated study habits, one can prove their knowledge while achieving using own strengths.

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