What Colleges Accept Sophia Credits: 64 Perfect Fits

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Dec 11, 2023

Sophia provides a way of studying undergraduate general education courses, and students use these courses’ credits for college-level courses. Today, many colleges and universities accept Sophia credits. Below is a list of such colleges and universities.

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64 Colleges That Accept Sophia Credits

Here are the 64 colleges that accept Sophia credits:

1. American National University

American National University has taken the initiative to partner with Sophia. It helps students take their general education courses from Sophia’s platform, and the college will accept their credits.

2. American Public University

American Public University has teamed up with Sophia to let students complete their credits for Gen Ed courses.

3. Ashworth College

Ashworth College has partnered with Sophia to make it easy for students to earn college credits, making education affordable and accessible.

4. Athens State University

ASU allows Sophia credits for general education courses and makes education accessible to those who otherwise can’t get it.

5. Alabama State University

Alabama State University also allowed Sophia credits on many of its courses. It helps students access the courses at their own pace and with affordability.

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6. American College of Education

To help students complete their credit hours with ease, the American College of Education has allowed Sophia credits for their many general education courses.

7. American Military University

For individuals’ ease of learning, American Military University has permitted students to utilize their Sophia credits as part of their college credits. 

8. Bay Path University

Like many renowned universities, Bay Path University also accepts Sophia credits and allows people to complete their degrees easily.

9. Berkeley College

Berkeley College has teamed up with Sophia to make learning flexible for students. It helps students complete many general education courses at their own pace.

10. Bottega University

Bottega University respects Sophia’s effort to allow you to complete credit hours on many courses anytime, anywhere. Thus, it allows Sophia credits.

11. Bellevue University

Bellevue University lets you minimize the cost and time required to earn a degree by accepting Sophia credits for various courses.

12. Cabrini University

Cabrini University allows Sophia credits on many of its courses, so find the courses on which Sophia credits are accepted.

13. Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College aimed to make education accessible for everyone, hence accepting Sophia credits for many courses.

14. Claremont Lincoln University

Claremont Lincoln University has allowed Sophia credits for many of its courses. It helps students learn at their own pace and with ease and affordability.

15. Colorado State University, Global

Colorado State University – Global respects quality education and thus includes Sophia credits on their many general education courses.

16. Capella University

Capella University has allowed Sophia credits for its various programs.

17. Central Penn College

Central Penn College is well aware of the challenges some individuals face with traditional college education. Hence, it allowed Sophia credits for many of its courses.

18. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University permitted Sophia credits for its various general education courses and allowed students to complete their degrees with ease.

19. DeVry University

DeVry University allows students to get Sophia credits on many of their general education courses. It helps students study anywhere and anytime.

20. Excelsior University

Excelsior University has partnered with Sophia and accepts its credits for many courses.

21. Franklin University

Franklin University helps students access quality education and thus has teamed up with Sophia to allow its college-level credits.

22. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University has allowed Sophia credits on many of its general education courses to help students achieve excellence. 

23. Houston Community College

Houston Community College allows the transfer of Sophia credits for their various courses and assists students in completing their degrees easily.

24. Indiana Tech

Indiana Tech respects the idea of a self-paced study plan and thus lets the students transfer their Sophia credits for their undergraduate degree program.

25. Indiana Wesleyan University

IWS allows the students to learn anytime, anywhere, via Sophia courses and accepts the transfer of those credits for its various degree programs.

26. Interdenominational Theological Center

Interdenominational Theological Center has taken a step towards making education accessible for all by partnering with Sophia.

27. Jarvis Christian University

Like many renowned ones, Jarvis Christian University also teamed up with Sophia. It has allowed its course credits to be transferred to the undergraduate programs.

28. Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University supports flexibility in education and permits Sophia credits for most of its general education courses.

29. Liberty University

Liberty University understands the need for lower educational expenses and thus allows Sophia credits.

30. McDougle Technical Institute

McDougle Technical Institute promotes flexibility in education and has thus teamed with Sophia.

31. Morris Brown College

Morris Brown College, like many others, has allowed students to use their Sophia credits for various college-level courses.

32. National American University

National American University has made education easy and affordable for everyone by allowing Sophia credits.

33. National Paralegal College

National Paralegal College allows Sophia credits on its various general education courses.

34. Nexford University

Nexford University knows most students need self-paced education and thus has allowed Sophia credits to transfer.

35. Nichols College

Nichols College promotes balance in work, life, and education and thus allows students to study some of their courses from Sophia.

36. Patten University

Patten University is a high-end university that always supports students’ needs and thus allows Sophia credits.

37. Paul Smith’s College

Paul Smith’s College respects the students’ dedication and passion for education. Hence, it has allowed Sophia credit.

38. Peirce College

Peirce College has teamed up with Sophia to let people complete their studies at their own pace. It accepts Sophia’s credits as well.

39. Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College has made college information accessible to everyone by letting them study in their comfort. Students are allowed to transfer their Sophia credits.

40. Philander Smith University

Philander Smith University provides opportunities for flexible education by allowing students to transfer their Sophia credits.

41. Post University

Post University is partnering with Sophia to transfer the credits for many of its courses.

42. Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global has partnered with Sophia to allow students to study at their own pace and easily attain their undergraduate degrees.

43. Regis University

Regis University has made it possible to attain education anywhere and anytime with Sophia courses.

44. South Florida College of Nursing

South Florida College of Nursing has inspired many through its excellent education. It has now teamed up with Sophia to make education accessible for everyone. 

45. Southeastern University

Southeastern University allows students to transfer their Sophia credits for many of its courses. It is an initiative towards making learning accessible for everyone.

46. Southern California University of Health Sciences

Southern California University of Health Sciences lets its students take Sophia courses and transfer their credits to complete their undergraduate degrees.

47. Southern Christian College

Southern Christian College promotes quality education, whether on-campus or via Sophia courses. It has permitted Sophia’s credits to transfer.

48. Southern New Hampshire University

Sophia’s credits transfer to SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) has made it easy for many students to get their education at their own pace.

49. Southern University Shreveport Louisiana

Southern University Shreveport Louisiana is working with Sophia to make education attainable anytime and anywhere.

50. Strayer University

Strayer University is partnered with Sophia, allowing students to take various general education courses there. Later, they can transfer their credits.

51. The Workshop School

The Workshop School allows Sophia credits to be transferred to make education accessible for all individuals. 

52. Trident University

Trident University accepted Sophia’s credits for its many general education courses. It helps students learn anytime and anywhere.

53. UMass Global

UMass Global is committed to helping students get quality education and has thus partnered with Sophia. One can transfer the Sophia credits for many courses in their undergraduate degree program.

54. University of Arizona Global Campus

University of Arizona Global Campus accepts Sophia credits on many of its general education courses to let people learn on their own schedule. 

55. University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus aims to provide education to all seeking it. It allows Sophis credits to be transferred for achieving college-level credits on many of its courses.

56. University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix always considers students’ comfort and ease while providing an education. It has allowed students to take Sophia courses and has accepted the transfer of those course credits.

57. University of the People

University of the People understands the expenses of education and accepts Sophia credits to make it affordable to students.

58. Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University has taken the initiative of making education accessible for all by allowing Sophia credits to transfer for many of its general education courses.

59. Walden University

Walden University takes pride in providing top-notch education and has partnered with institutions like Sophia, which works for the exact cause.

60. Wilberforce University

Wilberforce University helps its students attain their degrees efficiently and affordably. To serve this purpose, it has teamed up with Sophia.

61. Wilmington University

Like many educational institutes, Wilmington University has allowed Sophia credits for many of its Gen Ed courses.

62. SUNY

Many colleges and universities under SUNY accept Sophia credits, and you can also contact the specific campus’s admission department for further clarity.

63. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University has paired up with Sophia to make education easy for everyone.

64. University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo, like many universities and colleges, has taken the initiative to make education flexible for students.

What Is Sophia.org? In Case You Don’t Know

Sophia.org aims to provide flexible and affordable education by offering free courses and allowing learners to earn college-level credits for completed courses.

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1. Does Sophia Learning Actually Transfer To Universities?

Yes, many universities have allowed Sophia course credits for their general education courses. They can easily be transferred from the Institute of Sophia to the university.

2. Is Sophia Learning Considered A College?

No, it is not considered a college, as it does not provide any degree-based programs but provides courses that are self-paced and easy to afford. The course credits can be transferred to many colleges and universities. 

3. Do Sophia Credits Affect GPA?

You either pass a course or fail it at Sophia. There is no traditional GPA awarding, though to pass a course, you need to earn 70% or above. 

4. Is Sophia Learning Accredited?

Sophia.org does not provide degree programs and, as a result, lacks accreditation. Its primary emphasis is delivering convenient and cost-effective online courses; accredited colleges and universities may accept the transfer of these course credits toward degree completion.

5. Does ASU (Arizona State University) Accept Sophia Credits?

According to Sophia’s official website, it has sent credits to Arizona State University for review. You can get further information by directly contacting ASU.

6. Does WGU (Western Governors University) Accept Sophia Credits?

Yes, it does. Western Governors University promotes the flexibility of education for those who otherwise can not take it. To serve this purpose more efficiently, it has partnered with Sophia and allowed its course credits.


In summary, 64 colleges and universities widely accept Sophia transfer credits, including Purdue University Global, Liberty University, and Walden University. This recognition underscores Sophia’s role in providing accessible and affordable education. The collaborative efforts between Sophia and higher education institutions reflect a growing trend towards flexible learning options, offering students an effective pathway to earn transferable college credits.

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