Liberty MGMT 620 Project Evaluation and Assessment Entire Course



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Course Description :

In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn to plan, design, implement, assess and report project performance. Project management will be examined from the perspective of project funding and support, project supervision, and participatory evaluation methods. Examines stakeholder analysis and techniques for reporting performance results.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to Liberty University.

Rationale :

Risk is a phenomenon faced by every organization; thus, understanding best practices in risk management is essential to effectively address risk. This is one of several courses covering advanced topics in project management, cross-referenced with PMBOK concepts. The course explores the principal areas of risk management, from developing all elements of a risk management plan to monitoring and controlling project risk.

Course Assignment :

Textbook readings and lecture presentations/notes :

Course Requirements Checklist :

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

Discussions (3) :

Discussions are collaborative learning experiences.

  • Therefore, the student is required to provide a thread in response to the provided promptly for each discussion.
  • Each thread must be 500–750 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge.
  • Each thread must reference at least 3 peer-reviewed sources and must include at least 1 biblical integration and 1 citation of a text.
  • In addition to the thread, the student is required to post a reply to at least 2 classmates.
  • Each reply must be 200–250 words and reference at least 1 peer-reviewed source or include at least 1 instance of biblical integration in addition to a text.
  • The instructor is looking for substantial, thoughtful, and critical interaction.

Application Exercise Assignments (2) :

For this exercise, the student will complete 2 assignments that are based on the Create: Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation chapter assigned for reading. Each assignment will be completed in Microsoft Word (any tables used must be completed in Microsoft Word or imported into the Microsoft Word document) and must contain a title page.

Project Evaluation Research Assignment :

The student will write an 8–10-page research-based paper in the current APA format that examines current research and case studies focusing on project evaluation. The paper will present current best practices for project evaluation and will present at least 3 cases that demonstrate project evaluation (whether successful or not). The paper must include an introduction, a conclusion, a title page, an abstract, and a reference page with at least 8 references (5 of which must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals) in addition to at least 1-course text and the Bible.

Lessons Learned Training Project Assignment :

The Lessons Learned Training Project Assignment is comprised of 2 files: a 1-page Microsoft Word document that provides a summary of the training and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of at least 20 slides that convey the information for the training. Include at least 5 additional resources in the presentation, from trade books and articles to case studies or online resources.

Quizzes (3) :

Each quiz will cover the Learn material for the assigned modules. Each quiz will be open-book/open-notes, contain 25 multiple-choice and true/false questions, and have a 45-minute time limit.


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