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Course Description

This course will allow students to explore the concepts that support a sound approach to managing performance. Performance management is a proactive and ongoing process that strives to align individual, unit, and/or team performance with the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization. When organizational goals are established, performance metrics are created along with a methodical measurement process that will support the analysis of performance. Performance management also implies that leaders are managing their individual staff through relationship and rapport building, investment in the ongoing growth of employees, goal setting, motivating and rewarding staff, and giving feedback at regular intervals. For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog. The student should study the Liberty University syllabus before completing the checklist given in the Course Overview.


Effective leaders proactively manage the performance of their team(s). The aspiring healthcare and/or nurse leader will be exposed to concepts, strategies, and competencies that will fortify their approach to leading through strong relationship building, delineation of roles for team members, use of monitoring metrics, and attainment of desired outcomes/goal achievement.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Explore the characteristics of high-performing work teams.
  2. Examine corporations and entities that demonstrate outstanding performance management.
  3. Apply the principles of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence.
  4. Apply the principles of performance measurement.
  5. Apply proactive communication skills.
  6. Develop a performance management plan.
  7. Apply the Christian worldview to performance management.

Course Assignment Details:

Textbook readings and lecture presentations

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

No. of Group Assignments (3)

For this collaborative Group Assignment, the instructor will place the student into a group at the beginning of the course. The student will use the forum to communicate with his/her group members and collaborate to produce assignments:

Group: Topic Selection Assignment

Group: Outline and Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Group: Presentation Assignment

No. of Discussions Sessions (2)

The student will complete two discussion assignments for this course. Each Discussion will be on a different topic outlined within the course. Each Discussion thread must be at least 500 words and incorporate at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 5 years in the current APA format as well as biblical principles. In addition to the post, you must reply to at least 2 classmates’ posts. Each reply must be at least 250 words, cite at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article published within the last 5 years, and integrate biblical principles.

Performance, Goals, and Alignment Assignment:

The student will describe and illustrate a vision and strategy for establishing alignment between organizational goals, unit-based goals, and individual performance goals in order to infuse the mission and vision of a company throughout day-to-day operational activities. This paper must be 5 pages (not including the title and reference pages) and written in the current APA format. The student must use 5 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5 years (unless a classical or theoretical work) in addition to the course textbooks and at least 2 biblical citations.

Article Critique Assignments (2)

  1. The student will write 2-page article critiques in the current APA format that evaluates selected articles.
  2. The critique must include at least 2–3 peer-reviewed references published within the last 5 years.

Organization Support Checklist Assignment:

The student will utilize the checklist from the Wheelan text (Chapter 2) to assess the team support status of their current employer.

Mission, Vision, and Goal Alignment Presentation Assignment:

The presentation will focus on the topic outlined within the course. The presentation will include 20–25 slides and be supported by current research.


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